A Glance at Our Past
       In 1990 Randy Fluker, his wife, and a partner decided to begin on a journey to start a sports bar as an investment. It was an idea that had come to fruition. With the birth of his first daughter just 3 months prior to the grand opening, it was a hectic beginning.
       Timeout Sports Bar #1 opened in August of 1990 in the Clear Lake area. Putting in 80 hour work weeks and a lot of dedication gave rise to the popular sports bar. 3 years went by and Randy decided that one wasn't enough.
       In 1993, Randy decided to take on one more location in Webster, Texas. During the next 4 years, he built up a report with his clients and began a fantastic relationship with the neighboring communities.
       In 1997, thanks to talking with many fantastic customers, Randy opened Timeout #3 in Pasadena, Texas. That location became the live music capital of the town.
       In 2005, Randy and his wife finally decided to buy out his silent partner and take on the business as 100% their own.